Announcing Elmcraft - a place for all things Elm

Hi all :wave:

I’ve been around long enough to see the huge wealth of projects, initiatives, knowledge and people in the Elm community.

However this info isn’t particularly accessible to newcomers or Elm folks who don’t spend a lot of time on Slack/Discord and there’s nowhere to easily see all of it at once.

So I’m excited to share the beginnings of Elmcraft - a place for all things Elm.

Elmcraft is a curated set of content using the digital garden approach. I’ve started by focusing on media:

  • Almost 200 Elm videos classified into categories
  • Elm podcasts and newsletters
  • Elm learning resources
  • Elm meetups and conferences

There’s a long list of ideas for future content and direction. If any of this interests you, or you have feedback, you’re welcome to come chat about it in the Elmcraft Discord #contributing channel!

A special thanks to @katjam, @dillonkearns, @mdgriffith and @georgesboris for their input and support. Elmcraft isn’t even a tenth of what we dreamed up, but hopefully it will get there with time!

PS: If you appreciate my work in the Elm community, I’d be honoured if you’d consider supporting me via Github Sponsors.


Very cool! Is there a github repo somewhere in case other people want to contribute to elmcraft?

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Not yet! Not all of the content is managed in code though.

The best way to engage at this early stage is to join Discord, or you can DM me here.

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