Is elm/browser still maintained?

Elm debugger crashes when you’re working with large lists. PR has been up for more than two years now.

Is elm/browser still maintained? Who can I ping to merge this in?


None of the elm/* packages are maintained. There is nobody to ping. (Note, since there is no clear definition of “maintained”, you’ll get different answers depending on who you ask.)

I patch the Elm JS output at work, including the PR you linked to. Note that it makes the debugger not crash anymore, but it still gets really slow with very large lists.

There is an effort called elm-janitor that explores how to get fixes for the core packages: GitHub - elm-janitor/manifesto: Meta repository for elm-janitor organization documentation.


I see. @evancz , are you still around to comment on this? Elm is still the best thing to use in 2023, it’s a pity to see the maintenance problems like this.

I would focus your energy on elm-janitor. The elm leadership has it’s approach to the language development. At most, it would be nice if they consider choosing some trusted delegates to move maintenance forward, but that may not happen. It seems like slow experimentation aimed at hobbyist users is the priority of elm proper.


Any idea why the PR to fix elm/browser has not been applied to the elm-janitor/browser repo? The person who submitted that patch is the same person who wrote the elm-janitor manifesto. Am I not looking at the right branch in elm-janitor/browser?

That would be me, and I was kinda wondering the same thing. Turns out I had misclassified that PR as a “Doc Fix”, rather than as a runtime bug fix. So I will change its category and apply it too.

We have a bunch of patches reviewed now, just need to apply them all, write some release notes and tag some releases.