Jane Street is Hiring Front End Engineers

I know that OCaml /= Elm, but I think this is a role that folks in the Elm community might be interested in. Jane Street is looking to hire Front End Engineers that want to design and build our next-generation of browser-based tools for operating our trading infrastructure (in OCaml). We’re building tools for expert users, and want to maintain a high UX bar while building tools that are powerful and flexible, so it’s a challenging domain.

Ron Minsky wrote a bit more about the role here:

And you can find a link to the job descriptions and the application page here:


I have wondered whether Elm and Rescript were insufficient for the performance constraints or if this was a matter of pursuing a new technical direction because of a combination of available budget and technical curiosity.

I wouldn’t say that we chose OCaml over Elm or Rescript because of any shortcomings of those languages. Jane Street already has a very significant codebase written in OCaml. By choosing to write our front-end code in OCaml as well, we get to benefit a lot from the existing code. Communication between the front-end and back-end is also simpler when writing them both in the same language.

As a counterpoint, I think the interop story between existing NPM packages (written in other languages) and our front-end code would likely have been simpler had we chosen Elm or Rescript.


Matt, I know this is unrelated, but please pass along my thanks to Jane Street for supporting Matt Parker’s “Stand-up Maths” channel on YouTube! It’s responsible for countless hours of my spare time being enjoyably spent on mathematically-inspired programming tasks. :smiley:


Will do! I also thoroughly enjoy Stand-up Maths :smile:.

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