Lack of design? or just technical debt?


A bit of a joke I guess, but a way more I would say… reality check.

I really want to use Elm and start building projects with it, but I found it really, really interesting the lack of a great, appealing website (designs) which you can see around when you see other show/use cases.
For instance… Showcase | Next.js

I don’t want to believe that Elm has some sort of technical limitations around this, but that it is probably the fact, that Elm is used in majority by “Engineers” themself who often see their product as the masterpiece … :slight_smile: seen that before.

Just can’t get rid of this feeling… :slight_smile: but a majority of sites looks really awkward, “woody” :slight_smile:



No, there’s definitely not any technical limitations around Elm with regards to designing a nice looking website. Ultimately, you’re just writing HTML and CSS, so there’s no reason why it would look any worse than any other web page. If you’re wanting packages that might help to make your website look a bit nicer, you could look into:

That’s just off the top of my head, there’s lots more options. You just need a good eye for design to bring it all together!


You could maybe consider kinda like the Next.js Showcase, however it’s much less selective than Next.js is being with what’s shown.


I am certainly biased here because I work on it, but I think the Triller website ( is a good looking Elm site.


At SAVR we built our entire frontend in Elm. SAVR is a swedish fund trading platform, so the website is entirely in swedish.

Our largest Elm app is the dashboard that customers use when logged in, you can see a sneak preview of it in the video on the home page. We also have a public version of the fund store here which is built in Elm.


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