Licences and Forked Packages


What is the etiquette/requirements re licensing when publishing a forked package?

My situation is that my pull request for a small bug fix in a package is not being acknowledged (that’s not a dig at the owner of the package, we all have different priorities).

Ordinarily, I would just link to the updated package in the source-directories field of my elm.json for a normal elm app, but I now want to use the updated package as a dependency for another package I’m considering publishing, and the only way to do that is to publish the updated/fixed package under my namespace.

I’ve updated the README to acknowledge that it’s a fork along with the original work done by the owner and contributors, but was wondering how I update the licence.

Would the following be acceptable?

BSD 3-Clause License

Copyright (c) 2019, Original Owners Name
Copyright (c) 2021, My Name
All rights reserved.



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Licenses are also legally enforceable documents so that you need to comply with the text of the license.

  1. IANAL etc
  2. If the license is BSD-3 clause, you need to distribute the derivative work with the original license intact. However, you could add your name and copyright assertion to the code you modified directly.
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Ah, ok thank you :+1:

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