What is Elm's license type?


I am from a big MNC working on a fairly big product having a complex web and mobile web application. I am so impressed with Elm, that I want to try it out for some small features. However, my company is strict about open source licenses. What is Elm’s license type? I guess BSD3 is a no from my company.


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The license is here, and yes, it’s BSD3.

I’m curious why BSD3 isn’t ideal for your employer. Could you describe why?

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That is the license for the compiler. The packages are under a variety of licenses.


Core libraries default to BSD3 as well. There’s no way around depending on code under this license. I think it’s more helpful to explore why this license isn’t acceptable :sunny:


Elm is a language sot the answer is correct IMO. Code written in elm is a bit different topic.


I have to check with the legal team. I think facebook had BSD+Patents license for react. This was strongly discouraged and no projects were allowed to use React. However, now they made it MIT. I guess BSD3 should be ok. I shall check.


I am familiar with the “BSD + patents” thing Facebook used for React once. I think you should be OK :sunny: I don’t have any legal background, but isn’t BSD3 only about protecting the author, rougly speaking?

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