Little random gen dungeon game :)

OK, calling it a game is a bit much but I’m proud of what I have accomplished in a short time: a little dungeon crawler with… well, nothing in it for now. You can just crawl through 10 levels of empty dungeon.
I made everything from scratch including the tiles and I had a lot of fun!

Little snapshot of the game

The code is still quite messy but I refactored ~500 of my ~1000 lines of code into modules.

If you wanna check it out or “play”:

deployed instance on gitlab pages - Kay Navarro / Small Dungeons · GitLab

Oh and it’s absolutely not optimized, fair warning. I’m not even preloading the tiles. :joy:


It makes me think of a UI for nethack?

It also occurs to me that you might enjoy this talk:

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Thanks for sharing this – I think it’s super cool! :heart:

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Thanks! Yeah, Nethack and friends are definitely the inspiration. I think one of my most played game of all times is Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (really awesome even if you die a lot, and open-source!).

A little update to my almost-a-game, I’ve pushed the random gen to include pre-made rooms centered around a theme. Terrain colors are also controlled by css now, as tiles have been turned into svg symbols.

Just having fun :blush:


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