Looking for a mentor to build a behavioural experiments editor for psychologists

Hi everyone !

I’m a French ex-cognitive scientist willing to learn web development. I felt in love with elm and would like to start my journey learning it.

As I believe self-teaching is better achieved when you are driven by a real-world project, I would like to work on a solution to give psychologists the ability to create cognitive & behavioural experiments online with no coding.

Basically a behavioural experiment consists in presenting some stimuli to a person and in collecting answers (e.g, reaction time, number of good answers). Here’s an example.

Most current solutions requires some coding skills and exepriments cannot be run outside labs. Furthermore, most of those solutions are proprietary or relays on old technologies.
This impairs replicability and scalability of those studies.

I spent some time to discuss and refine this project with a bunch of researchers and the solution we came with really worth to give it a try!

The thing is : I don’t have any CS background (I only played a little bit with R, Python and golang during my studies) and I struggle to take decision regarding the design and in cutting the project into doable chunks for a total beginner.

Does anyone would be interested in helping me to define tasks and maybe writing some tests or reviewing my code ? I’m really really motivated and I give myself 6 months (from septembre) to release a proper MVP.

In exchange I’ll tell you everything I know about experimental psychology :slight_smile:

Cheers !



I think this is an amazing project, and I sure would be delighted to learn more about experimental psychology (it is a subject that I always had some interest in but never quite found the time to dive into it).

I’d be more than happy to provide you with some help and guidance. (I’m French too by the way :))

Feel free to message me if you want to know more about my background or have some questions. I also happen to be on the elm slack if it’s convenient for you.

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Amazing ! I’ll send you a message asap :grinning:

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Welcome to the Elm Community, @Yoelis. I used to work at an institute that did human behavioral research. I built a couple experiments along the way, one using PsychoPy and the others using Elm. Happy to look at code and advise. I could probably do 45 minutes a week of mentorship over Zoom at 17:00 GMT+2 (8am here on the west coast).

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Hi @nqthqn,

Thanks, happy to be there!

That’s very interesting. How was your experience using psychopy and elm ?

Thanks a lot for this generous offer ! I’ll send you a PM in the beginning of September so we can discuss a little bit more about this mentorship :slight_smile:

PsychoPy was of course more geared towards writing experiments.

We had pretty good success writing a few different games in Elm. One was used in an fMRI scanner. The others online. The research group studies eating disorders.

You can see some of the code here:

The backend is unavailable so it is unlikely you will be able to get it running. The code is also pretty rough — was was very new to Elm and had help from people who wrote stylistically different.

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