LSP-elm for sublime has been released

the language server had sublime support before, but setup is much simpler to setup now, I’ve updated the readme


This is excellent, thanks.


I have some modules that I use from project to project and define their locations in source-directories in elm.json. The server is picking up my oversights and pointing me to unused imports etc in these external modules, so all good there. However, when I make the fixes, the server doesn’t seem to pick up the changes, and I need to restart Sublime.

It’s not a problem because they’re one time fixes, so no real bother, just thought you should know as I’m guessing it’s not intended behavior?

OSX, Sublime 3

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Are those folders outside of your project? As in above? What exactly does “not seem to pickup the changes” mean in your case?

Yes they’re outside of the project, here’s a snippet from my projects’ elm.json

    "source-directories": [

The server was picking up unused imports in both of the above external [un-published] packages.

So I double-clicked on the line numbers provided in the output in Sublime to open the files, and then removed the imports.

After saving the files, I continued to receive the same warnings. Double-clicking the line numbers again by the warning would open the files with the cursor on the correct line, even though the import was no longer there.

The same thing would happen when I was warned about “Unused top level definition”. After removing the unused functions, the warnings remained.

The only way to remove these warnings was to restart Sublime.


Yeah, we scan all folders in “source-directories” on startup. But only watch for files in your current project to change. I’m still not sure if people would be fine with a server watching those files too. We also have that problem with the ELM_HOME directory.

See for some tracking.

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Ok thanks.

As I mentioned it’s no real problem because they’re one time fixes, and if I’m making feature changes etc in the external modules, I can open those projects directly in Sublime.

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