Panel with creators of Elm, Julia, and Elixir on language funding

Earlier today I participated in a panel discussion with Jeff Bezanson of Julia and José Valim of Elixir.

I thought it was really interesting to hear their stories, and I was happy to hear how José figured out how to get more full-time work on Elixir. I have been working towards shifting away from a patronage model for about a year now (for reasons outlined in the discussion) and it was really encouraging to hear from others who have great stories about how they make things work for their project. Learned a lot!

Anyway, I hope this discussion is interesting to others as well.

And if a permanent version of this comes out, please post a link to it in this thread!


Thank you for the discussion Evan! It was a really interesting panel. And thank you for your commitment to sustaining your full-time work on Elm. In many ways, that’s more ambitious even than creating a programming language, and I’m really grateful that you’ve put in the hard work to make that happen and continued to make Elm the most delightful language I’ve ever worked with.


At work, we’ve been using EDS (the Elixir Development Subscription) for a few years now and it is highly appreciated by our team: José and his teammates are very kind and highly skilled developers, providing us with lots of insights about the language and the underlying platform, but also about many more general stuff (e.g. design, microservices, security…).
It’s nice also that those insights sometimes build upon experiences from other EDS users, especially since not everybody has the means, or the energy, or feels legit enough to share their knowledge through blog posts or talks.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


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