Prototyping traffic simulation with Elm

I’ve been working on a traffic simulation prototype as a hobby project. The long-term goal is to build a tiny village building game. I’m inspired by how kids play with traffic rugs.

I took some time to write a blog post about the first few months of development. Comes with demos!

I’m doing this to learn about simulation and game development. What do you think?

Github repository


Very cool, thanks for sharing. I’d love to find some time to play around with what you’ve made, maybe try to implement four lane roads and more advanced stuff.

I also wanted to add to something you briefly mentioned: prototyping with Elm. I’ve a UX Designer by trade and I’ve found Elm to be super useful for quickly prototyping interactive features. It’s been the best thing I’ve used so far, even better than dedicated GUI prototyping tools.

You might also checkout the typed SVG package, I recently switched my project to it and it’s made working with SVG easier in the long run. You may have less of a need for it with this project, but elm-ui is also a fantastic project which let me forget pretty much entirely about HTML and CSS (oddly enough my bane as a designer).


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