Request for Reviewers: GitHub-inspired Contribution Graph

Hey everyone!

Long-time imperative language coder here! I’ve been tinkering with Elm on and off for a couple years now. I always get something meaningless running, and then run out of steam. This time I determine to work on something that motivates me to keep learning new things. First, some optional back story (skip down to “Requesting for Reviewers” if you don’t wand the back story)

Some Optional History

My role at my company is the tech lead for the team in charge of the front-end stack for the rest of the company. We build the design system, and the library that developers use to build Angular applications with. To help move the project along, I initiated a “in-sourcing” model, in which to encourage contributions from other teams to our project. I “gamified” the process by manually creating a leaderboard. People would get points for contributing and getting their code merged. This definitely spurred some friendly competition, which was great, but the process was very manual and soon I fell of doing it.

I decided to take a stab at creating an automated leaderboard, and why not use Elm? It’s an internal app, and I can justify it as a learning experience, as the FP world has taught me so much in how I approach coding already. So to really encourage people, I wanted to create a GitHub-inspired contribution graph. After some fun hours of programming, I got something working! The problem with working in a new language by yourself, is you don’t have anyone to point out when you did something that deviated from best-practice, missed some cool syntax sugar or approach that would clean things up. That brings me here!

Request for Reviewers

I isolated the contribution graph code into its own module and started prepping it so it could be published out onto Elm Packages. From my understanding, the Elm ecosystem favors quality over quantity (like npm) So I don’t want to actually publish the package if it is off the mark (and maybe this doesn’t even belong as a package). Before I spent more time everything fully cleaned up, I thought I would reach out to anyone who are interested in doing a code review! I have found that I learned so much in the past over pull request comments and discussions. If you are interested, let me know, and I can add you as a contributor to the repo and a reviewer to the PR. Otherwise feel free to offer feedback here as well.

Thanks for creating such an awesome community!


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