Research on Mobile use of

I am looking to do some research about the mobile use of! If everyone would take the chance to fill out this form I would greatly appreciate the help in gathering this data:

Evan asked that more research and data is gathered before we should work on any upgrades or improvements to the mobile experience. For good reason! We need to make sure that there is a problem or need in the first place

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Great initiative!

To me it feels like questions about why I browse and what is my goal are the same one written twice. Am I missing something?

Hi folks,

I have made a quick PR to make the package site responsive, because I work most of the time with a splited screen: Screenshot%20from%202018-08-30%2022-42-58

The difference is the first one it is more about why did you use mobile and the second one is about what the goal of browsing the package site (not specifically why mobile)

Evan closed the PR. If you read his response that is why I am doing this:

I also have the split screen problem. I think I might just use a CSS chrome extension in the mean time.

On a more philosophical note, the frontend of the site about a language for building webapps should have certain qualities.

  • beautiful :white_check_mark:
  • accessible (i just tested with a screen reader :white_check_mark:)
  • responsive design :blush:

btw, thanks for gathering this feedback! It’s the way to go. Don’t pay attention to my random forum post comment. Pay attention to the data! :smile:

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I would personally like to see the package website to work better on narrow screens. I have a related problem even with a regular width desktop window, where code examples are frequently invisibly truncated. (Scroll bars not being shown by default is part of the problem, but it would be great if the examples were fully visible anyway.)


This is the second time I was thoroughly confused by the elm/http documentation because of the apparently missing decodeMetadata argument.


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