[POLL] Your use of package.elm-lang.org on mobile or tablet

How often do you use package.elm-lang.org on mobile or tablet?

  • Daily
  • Often
  • Sometimes
  • Never

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If you do use package.elm-lang.org on mobile or tablet, why?

Note: multiple answers are accepted.

  • To read the documentation and learn about a package I discovered from a post, web search, web site or Slack #packages
  • To search some references to help folks on Slack/Discourse/Reddit/Stack Overflow/… (quotes or links to packages, modules, functions, types, etc.)
  • To check some documentation because I’m developing on mobile/tablet
  • To check some documentation for a problem I’m thinking about without a computer available
  • Other (you can describe your use case in a reply)

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How is the experience?

  • Great
  • Good enough
  • Average
  • Difficult

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You can comment in a reply but please stay positive and constructive.

There was prior research but I’m not sure the results were made public, it was half and a year ago and the external form with email required may have limited the answers. Let’s try again!


I replied “Other” in the “why” question :slight_smile:

Most often, it is not me using a mobile / tablet device per se, but rather that I browse the web at 200% zoom! I usually get narrow-screen viewports on websites; nothing inherently wrong with that btw. My main issue on the package site tends to be the search and links functionality that overflows off-screen. I often use that functionality to explore packages, and having to go back and forth gets annoying. This is my personal account though, so take it with a grain of salt!


Not just zoom but making the site more tiling window manager friendly would be nice, I’d like to be able to use my FullHD real estate for more than one window at a time…

@fpapado to me that speaks directly to accessibility , and definitely an excellent reason to support a “small” viewport.

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