Shutdown "Planet Elm"?

A couple of years ago I’ve created Planet Elm (modeled after “Planet Drupal” which is quite successful in the Drupal community).

Seems it never really picked up, so I think of shutting it down at 2019. So consider this post either as a request for feedback, or a as a Public service announcement :slight_smile:

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I use RSS to read news and having a single place with blogs relevant to Elm is very convenient for me. That said, you’re right that it hasn’t really taken off, so if there is any amount of inconvenience in running it I would understand you shutting it down.

A couple of points: firstly, I am a user of RSS and probably about the most likely user of planet-elm, but I didn’t know of its existence until this thread. I wonder if it could be added to the ‘Community’ page at:

Secondly, the “Subscribe to RSS” link is right at the bottom, when I first went there I didn’t see an ‘RSS’ logo, so I just put the home address into my RSS reader (which normally automatically scans and grabs the address of the feed), this failed, so I assumed RSS was not a feature of planet-elm. Only later when I browsed down to the bottom of the articles did I realise I was wrong. I’m now subscribed :slight_smile:

It has always surprised me that someone hasn’t done a ‘planet-planet’, which would allow people to set-up and maintain planet sites for any topic of their choice.



This is the first time I hear about Planet Elm. So to me, it’s likely you have a visbility issue. If you don’t want to shutdown the site, you should communicate more about it, just for people to be aware of its existence.

I jus subscribed to the RSS feed by the way :wink:


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