Slackarchive stopped working?

It seems that no longer works. Does anyone know what happened?

You may get a better answer to this question by asking in #admin-help on Slack as well. But I’m sure someone will update here too (probably me) when this gets resolved.

We noticed this a little while ago, and it seems that this is a universal problem. You’ll find that this twitter search is more or less a stream of questions about why archives aren’t updating, with no response from the operators. My assumption is that the service is simply offline.

I followed up in #admin-help this morning, apparently they have responded that they’re being rate-limited in some way by Slack. Even when the limit is lifted, they aren’t able to back-fill the gaps.

I’m sad about this, because it’s quite the valuable service. It sounds like it may be untenable to rely on it in the future, though. :cry:

Indeed, it is a sad loss. In the meantime, til we find a solution, my advice is this:

  • If you see a discussion worth keeping on the Slack, keep it! Turn it into a blog post. That way no knowledge is lost.
  • Most code examples are easy to re-create. Don’t worry too much about losing them – especially if you can remember who authored it.