Suggestions for packaging Elm app as mobile app

Hi all,

Any suggestions or success stories on using Elm for a mobile app? I’m planning to use Cordova, but perhaps people have different suggestions.

If you used Cordova, any tips?

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Possibly not what you’re looking for, but does it have to be native or just “feel like an app”? PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) cover some use cases. They are basically normal web sites with a manifest file that tells the device what to treat as part of the app.


I only got as far as doing a proof of concept with Elm and Cordova. However, I wrote about my experience with using Cordova for a plain JavaScript application, you might find it useful:

I guess I’d still go with Cordova if I was doing a hybrid app in Elm - I’m not aware of other mature options.

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Good point. The issue is having it work without network, and it needs to scan barcodes. Possibly that can be done too, so definitely will pursue this, had overlooked this option.

PWA caching and the service worker API handles offline support, and you can ask for camera permission through the app.

Out of curiosity; what’s your setup for scanning barcodes? I’m guessing some ports are necessary?

I wouldn’t recommend going down the PWA route, especially if the idea is to have it accessible from the home screen. I made one of those - it was a few years ago but I doubt things have changed much. Even hybrid web apps are second class eg on iOS, standalone PWAs are pretty much an afterthought.

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