The elm-tooling CLI now offers ARM binaries!

elm-tooling 1.11.0 now ships with native binaries for macOS ARM (Apple Silicon)! So if you have a Mac M1 or M2, you no longer need Rosetta for elm, elm-json and elm-test-rs. (You still need it for elm-format, though.)

If you have a Linux ARM 64-bit computer, there are now also binaries for elm, elm-json and elm-test-rs (but not elm-format).

Finally, if you use a Raspberry Pi, there are ARM 32-bit binaries for elm, elm-json, elm-test-rs, and for elm-format 0.8.2, partly thanks to elm-raspberry-pi.

Thanks to @supermario for compiling the new elm binaries – see Help test the new npm elm package! for the full story. (For those following along, the @lydell/elm npm package provides the same binaries as elm-tooling now does – see also the new comparison.)

:information_source: If you use macOS ARM (Apple Silicon) and have used elm-tooling before, you need to clear previously downloaded binaries in order to get macOS ARM binaries. Otherwise you’ll keep using Rosetta.

# Remove downloaded binaries:
rm -R ~/.elm/elm-tooling/
# Install new binaries:
cd your-project
npx elm-tooling install

Similarly, if you have tried elm-tooling on Linux ARM before, you also need to clear previously downloaded, non-working x86_64 binaries.


Thank you all so much for this monumental effort. I love this community. :slight_smile:.


Followup release: elm-tooling 1.12.0 contains new macOS and Linux ARM 64 binaries. The ones in this release are compiled from the same commit as the official x86_64 binaries. The ones in 1.11.0 were compiled from a later commit. See the link for full details.

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