New macOS ARM binary available! No more segfaults

Those of you who use the @lydell/elm npm package or install Elm via the elm-tooling CLI might have noticed Elm erroring with a segfault recently when installing Elm packages. This only happened on macOS ARM (Apple Silicon) when using the unofficial macOS ARM binary compiled by @supermario (which is what @lydell/elm and elm-tooling ships). (Those who used the official x86 macOS binary via Rosetta were not affected.)

This turned out to be because of the Elm compiler using an old version of GHC (the Haskell compiler), which had some problems with macOS ARM. Big thanks to @supermario, @jxxcarlson and @robin.heggelund for working hard investigating this and figuring out how to upgrade to a later GHC version!

Right as we were ready to release, Evan ended up doing the same thing in the official elm/compiler repo on his own. He then uploaded a macOS ARM binary to official Elm 0.19.1 release. The new, just-released versions of @lydell/elm and elm-tooling use that binary.

Here’s how you can get the new, segfault-free, macOS ARM native binary:



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