The Show and Tell Category

Use this category when you want to show off something you’ve made.

For example:

I have been working on a package that makes it easy to make GitHub API requests!

I created a priority queue data structure based on binary heaps!

Check out this blog post about how I got my coworkers interested in Elm!

Let people know what you have been up to!

Note: As a reader it is easy to think “That’s neat, but did you think about X?” and turn a celebratory moment into a quiz. As an author, it can feel extremely frustrating to work for weeks or months on something and immediately have strangers tell you it’s not actually any good based on the five seconds they thought about it. So let’s default this category to having a moment to celebrate people’s work. If authors are looking for feedback, they can specifically ask for it in their post or use the Request Feedback category.