The Hard Parts of Open Source

I recently did this talk at StrangeLoop that is informed by my experiences working on this project:

I want to share the full talk here with an encouragement for folks to just prototype the ideas. I wanted to do that instead of the talk, but I didn’t feel I could balance that amount of work with my other responsibilities. Point is, it would be exciting to run the experiment rather than talking about the experiment, and I hope some reader tries it out! Share any personal results in a fresh thread.

Note: The categories in our Discourse instance were actually motivated by an early version of the ideas in the talk! Conversation flows are not possible, but this was an attempt at an approximation.

Note: I wouldn’t worry too much about collaborating or “avoiding duplicate work” right now. Coordinating that stuff seems to crowd out the work itself in many cases I have observed. So if you are interested in prototyping, just do it! If we have ten different people sharing different perspectives on it, that is an excellent outcome in my eyes!


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