What's the situation with core vs. elm-lang/core?

As a learning exercise I’m porting a small JS library for parsing and manipulating colors to Elm. While looking for something else on StackOverflow I tripped over the fact that there’s a Color type built in to Core. So I searched for core on https://package.elm-lang.org/ and found https://package.elm-lang.org/packages/elm/core/latest/ which seems to be the core libraries for Elm but doesn’t feature Color at all. So after some more hunting around I found that Color is actually in elm-lang/Core? Which is almost completely unfindable. If you search on the package site for just “core” it has no knowledge of it, I guess because you need to qualify it with elm-core/? Even if you Google for “elm-lang/core” it comes up in third place with elm/core in first place.

So is elm-lang/core the new actual, real, main Core library for Elm? If so, where can I file a ticket or a PR to add a signpost to the old elm/core that it’s been superseded?

Apologies if this sounds like a complaint, but I’ve just had a very frustrating hour.

EDIT: So I’m now realising that elm/core is the new one and the Color module has gone away? That actually makes sense, it felt like a weird thing to have in Core. So I guess my question now is, are there some general 018 -> 0.19 release notes so I can avoid wasting time with ghosts like this in future? All I can find are compiler release notes.

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This is the list of changes from 0.18 to 0.19.
But seems like Color module maybe was forgotten in the list.
(You are correct that it was removed because it did not belong in Core)

Yeah, I now see that they do talk about modules and packages in there and just haven’t mentioned Color or any other Core changes . I was put off by the fact that it seemed to be compiler release notes only.

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For the record this is the new community-driven Color package: https://github.com/avh4/elm-color


Good to know! Thank you.

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