Elm init seems to use old versions of modules

I installed elm 0.19 recently. In trying various things, I realized that ‘elm init’ creates a ‘elm.json’ pointing to what appear to be old versions of modules/libraries. For instance it points to

“elm/core” : “1.0.2”,
“elm/html” : “1.0.0”
and more.

It looks like the actual latest version of Core is “elm-lang/core” : “5.1.1”. Html should be “elm-lang/html”: 2.0.0

What’s going on here? What if I want to use later versions?


Elm-lang is the old organization used for 0.18
everythig in elm is new, as that org is only in use in 0.19

Unfortunatly that name change caused a version reset

Thanks, I get it now!!

I think I’ve been able to find everything I need in elm, stuff that was moved out of core, like Random.

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