Zalando is Open Sourcing our biggest Elm application Nakadi UI

For the last two years, our team in was building a central Zalando Business Event bus
It is self-service for event and data stream processing (similar to Kafka)

Today we open-sourced the Nakadi UI.

Nakadi UI is a single page web application (SPA) that uses the Nakadi API.
It provides a self-service user interface (SSUI) for event producers and consumers. It makes it easy to create and configure event types (topics), discover and communicate event types between developers, monitor and debug any problems with publishing or consuming events from Nakadi. It consists of the node.js backend and the frontend written in the Elm language.

This is a real-world battle proven Elm SPA. It is used by 300 engineers day.
I learned a lot from building it. I’m planning to write a series of articles based on my experience.
I’m keen to get your feedback, review, comments on this project from you.


Thank you. I’ll bookmark it as learning resource : - ).

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Thanks for sharing! As a former Zalandoer I’m really happy to see Elm taking off there. It would be interesting to read more about your experience so I’m looking forward to the blog posts!


Awesome! I’ve been daydreaming of building something like this. How much of the rest is open source or is it just the UI that’s open?

Thank you, in fact, Nakadi project was open source from the beginning, please visit
You can find Nakadi GH repo here
The manuals
Different clients and related projects
And the talk

There are lot more opensource projects from Zalando

Also check out Zalando 404 Page game

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Those manuals are gorgeous, and a very effective way to organize API definitions. Is this something special-made or is there a tool involved?

Thank you,
I’m actually very proud of it myself :blush:
This is just a github pages jekyll template I wrote inspired by ‘swaggyll’.
Here it is, with the readme

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