A blog in elm and Firebase

Hi everyone!

Just made a full working blog based on elm and Firebase! Used the elm-webpack-starter and tried some things. I think it is easily reusable for everyone, once you have a Firebase account. The code is freely available on GitHub (https://github.com/ghivert/personal-blog) and I hope it’s sufficiently documented for using it without hassle.

I have a working live version at https://guillaumehivert.io.
I would love to have some feedbacks about what I did and how it could be improved.


First, I love that you’re writing in French. The reasons you spelled out on the about page are wonderful. Longue vie à la langue française ! (as a bonus for me, I’m going to be able to read your writing to improve my understanding of the language, hooray!)

Since you asked for feedback: the only technical thing I can see is that your permalink URLs are pretty messy, for example: https://guillaumehivert.io/article/programmation-fonctionnelle--les-composants-nexistent-pas-_L6_BiB6jrlF4g9a6K5v What would you think about nicer permalinks? guillaumehivert.io/article/2018/02/22/programmation-fonctionnelle--les-composants-nexistent-pas maybe? Although there’s no real reason to put the date in the permalink—and in fact there are good reasons not to. My point is that you don’t really need -_L6_BiB6jrlF4g9a6K5v in there.


Thanks for your message! French is my native language, it seemed too bad for me to write exclusively in English. :slight_smile: Glad to here that it can help you improve your French!

I thought about it, but what about title collisions? As I was thinking on the project generically, I thought about what happened if, say, I’ve got two articles named “Example, collision here” in the database. So solution is either to ensure nothing like this happens, or adding a slug (and I thought timestamp was good, but not really obviously…)

Well, you get to decide on the save logic right? Could you validate title uniqueness? It seems like a small chance of colission for a bigger improvement in usability.

Yup, I followed your advice and removed the date part. It’s much more usable for sure.
Thank you very much!

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I like it, thanks for sharing. Out of interest, why do you code in English?

Thanks. I’m doing it mainly for consistency. The programming language is written entirely in English, and libraries are written in English. If I’m coding in French, I think it’s a little bit weird…

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I’m doing the same. One thing I find important in programming in general, is that if you want to find the best resources, you better read and ask in English. I barely never find good answers to my issues in French (also the reason why I put my OS in English, so that error messages are in English). That’s just how search engines (google and co.) work best. Editors, fonts, etc also might not handle other languages symbols very well, that’s another reason I think it’s really weird to mix languages in code. But hey sometimes it’s reeeeaaally helpful to find a name for a variable when out of idea, just use a French word ^^