Should we have weekly beginners / working on threads here?

On the Elm subreddit, we have two weekly posts:

  1. Easy Questions / Beginners Thread
  2. What Are You Working On?

These are nice because they decrease the barrier to participation. #1 calls out “please let us help you”, while #2 says “it doesn’t have to be finished to be of interest to people.” I think they encourage good community discussion and collaboration.

I would like to do something similar here, but since Discourse’s replies are linear, we can’t get quite the same experience. If we did everything in a single thread, the replies would get unmanageable. So: how can we get the same nice community experience on Discourse?

I’d say just have a link to the thing on reddit. No need to force it to be in both places. The /r/elm has more of a mix of “outside observers” who have never actually used Elm at all, so it is probably good to make folks who are deeper in the community available there.