Announcing Elm UI Explorer 2.0

Today, I am excited to announce the publication of Elm UI Explorer 2.0.

A tool for browsing and documenting your Elm views in an isolated development environment like Storybook.


that’s sweet!

so we could have a xmain : UIExplorerProgram {} () {} defined but unused (function-level dead code elimination ftw!) in our Main.elm and manually toggle as main whenever we want to launch into UI Explorer :+1:

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Hi @choonkeat thanks !
You could do that of course :slight_smile:
Usually i create two apps. Main.elm and Explorer.elm each having their main function.
Then I have a script to run the “real app” and the other one the explorer.

That way i don’ have to toggle anything and the 2 apps use the same views ( see examples)


Another way to do this is to have two projects

  • the elm project your working on
  • the design project done with elm ui explorer

In the design project, create all components in a sub folder that does not hold any tooling from elm ui explorer. Create a componet there, maybe create a git submodule from the folder.

In your elm project you can now “import” the folder just via the path or via git submodule and point your elm.json to that source-directory (see

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