Announcing Elm UI Explorer 8.0.0

Hi there ! I’m happy to announce Elm UI Explorer 8.0.0. :partying_face:
This version comes with a lot of new features:

  • :toolbox: Cli: Creating a new explorer is now as simple as running the command uie init then npm run uie. Make sure to install the npm package @kalutheo/uie first;
  • :gear: Knobs: Allows you to edit values provided to your views in real time thanks to the amazing avh4/elm-debug-controls package;

  • :iphone: Responsiveness: The layout is now 100% responsive. You can now easily browse your stories from your mobile devices;

  • :waxing_gibbous_moon: Dark mode: it’s now possible to switch the explorer to a dark mode, just for your eyes .

There are 4 unnecessary scrollbars:

It’s possible to get rid of them by using overflow: auto instead of overflow: scroll.

hi @lydell thanks :wink: will fix that . Do not hesitate to open issues on the github of the project, contributions are more than welcome

Looks great for having demos of packages or creating an in-house styleguide, thank you for sharing it!

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