Another ElmLS and VSCode client update (1.0.0)

I’ve released now versions some days ago, so most of you should already be using this :slight_smile:
This time we got some features and some bugfixes and alot behind the scenes, that doesn’t show up in the regular changelog. We started writing more tests for example.

We had contributions from: jmbockhorst, @ni-ko-o-kin, @wingyplus, @antew and myself

Here’s the changelog:


  • Added restart command

  • Make elm.json schema stricter

  • Update dependencies

  • Updated the language server

    • Add completions for possible imports

    • Scaffold case branches (use the new snippet and code action)

    • Sort auto imports by closest similar modules

    • Improve record field access completions

    • Remove exposing subscriptions in Browser.sandbox snippet

    • Fixed references to shadowed modules being potentially wrong

    • Don’t use flatmap to be node 10 compatible (caused problems for npm package users)

    • Update elm-analyse

    • Update dependencies

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Great job!

I’ve started using Elm way before you’ve created your plugin. And installing it was a life changing experience. It was a huge productivity booster even in incomplete form and now it’s even more amazing.

Fortunately here innovation isn’t coupled to one person, otherwise it might have got stuck in eternal design.

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Thank you @razze! The “Add missing case branches” feature is a huge time saver!


It will need some work farther down the line, as it’s not working in every circumstance.

Thanks a lot for your efforts, amazing!

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I can’t get this running…
Could you explain how this works ?

Use the snippet, fill in a variable, press tab to go to the end. Save, so that elm-make runs and you should get the options.

There are some caveats, I haven’t really worked on destructurring and tuples. And there are some circumstances where the elm compiler doesn’t throw the expected error.

Thanks man! This greatly boosts my productivity so I sponsored :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! I appreciate it.

There have already been some bugfix releases, I’m hoping to do another release with some more improvements over the weekend.


Here are the latest changes, I included all the small bugfix releases we did inbetween:


  • Updated the language server
    • Revert “We changed the used globbing lib to a slightly faster one”


  • Updated the language server
    • We changed the used globbing lib to a slightly faster one
    • Improved sorting of autoimport completions
    • Don’t complete in comments
    • Separate snippets and keywords by type and show them in different circumstances
    • Added completions for module values or possible submodules
    • Added function completion for used but not declared function
    • Fix for possible exception on completion
    • Fix external modules not being found in some cases
    • Fix record completions interfering with Module completions


  • Updated the language server
    • Fixed bug that was causing problems with completions from external packages


  • Updated the language server
    • Fix problem on import generation for windows systems


  • Updated the language server
    • Fix imports form other files not showing up in some cases

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