Any plans to update the elmlang bintray?

It’s missing 19

Would be great to get version managers like working with 19!

Is there an alternative to bintray people are using these days?
Is there a common solution to having specifically 18 and 19 installed on the same box and easily being able to switch between them?

There aren’t any plans to update the bintray right now. We’ve switched to Github releases. You can find the binaries at!

I don’t know about a common solution, but I just use the npm packages for everything. As in, npm install elm@version and then run it with npx elm (or in 0.18, npx elm-make and friends.)

I do this because it makes it easy to use it in a Makefile, like so:

node_modules: package.json package-lock.json
    npm install
    touch -m node_modules

public/index.js: src/Main.elm node_modules
    npx elm make --output public/index.js src/Main.elm
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