Installing Elm 0.19 alongside Elm 0.18 on macos

I could start this with “Help I upgraded to 0.19 and now I can’t build my projects anymore!” :slight_smile:

But, seriously, what’s the best way to go about installing 0.19 on mac without losing the 0.18 installation, supposing I want to gradually move my code over. The installer from seems to overwrite the old elm binaries in /usr/local/bin. Should I copy them aside before installing 0.19.0?

Also, can anyone point me to a link for the old 0.18.0 installer?


Oh no! Sounds like a rough experience so far. Let’s get this sorted out.

Could you try installing the old version via npm? If you do npm install elm@0.18.0 you should get the binaries at that version. You can do this for a single project, or npm install --global elm@0.18.0 to get back to the global state. If you install it for a single package, you can run it like npx elm-package or npx elm-make.

For 0.19, I’m in progress on updating the npm packages and will have them available as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can grab a release directly from - the tarballs marked binaries-for-{platform}.tar.gz only have the Elm binary in them, which you can put wherever you need on your path.


Ah no it’s not that bad, I’m mostly curious about trying the new stuff. Thanks for the npm suggestion, that does seem to work, particularly to have the correct version of elm available locally!

I did manage to find the 0.18 elm installer for mac via

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