Downgrade to v18

What’s the easiest way to downgrade to Elm 18. I had 18 installed initially via npm. Then ran homebrew to upgrade to 19.

But what’s the best path backwards to 18 in terms of global install and binary for elm back to 18 on my machine? I need to put back in place what I had including the binary install to 18.

Does homebrew have a way to install older versions of packages? If so, that might be worth considering.

If you want Elm installed globally, I would probably recommend uninstalling the homebrew version of Elm and using the following to switch when you need to

npm install -g elm@elm0.18.0
npm install -g elm@elm0.19.0

Personally, I tend to use npm to locally install elm (and elm-test, elm-format) in the correct versions for each project (adding them as dev dependencies in the package.json (example)), and then I can use npx elm to run the version that’s install locally for whatever project I’m currently in.


My advice is not installing elm globally at all. I do npm install --save elm@0.19 on a per project basis and use either npx elm from the command line or just use npm scripts. Way easier to wrap my head around.


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