Best applications to build as a beginner?

Hi there!

I’m fairly new to Elm and I was wondering what the community thinks would be the best kind of application to build while learning the language to truly understand how everything works. Is there a particular list of application ideas that’d be beneficial to build when learning concept X over Y?

Any help around this would be great and could possibly give new beginners a roadmap on what to focus on while they learn Elm. Thanks, everyone!

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Implement in Elm.

If you want something easier, you can try Challenge No. 4 :

Write a program that asks the user for a Github username (from a text field) and displays this user’s name, avatar and lists his/her programming languages. Fetch the information only after the user stops typing for one second.

If you want something more complex, reimplement elm-spa-example from the original specs. :wink:

Other projects you can try are: TodoMVC and a Hacker News as a PWA.


There’s also the emoji translator app in the Elm Bridge curriculum:

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Thank you! This was super helpful and should keep me busy in the meantime.

I didn’t know Elm Bridge was a thing. Very cool. I’ll look more into this. Thanks!

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