Books on Elm - "Beginning Elm"?

Is “Beginning Elm” still a good book to learn Elm? I notice some of the comments on the pages date back to 2017. However the book also says it assumes version 19.0 of Elm which seems very close to the current stable version I download (19.1). Has the book been updated since 2017? I really like what I’ve worked through with “Beginning Elm” so far.

You should be perfectly fine - 0.19.1 had quite a few improvements but no breaking changes (see Elm 0.19.1 is out!).

The language really did not change since 2017 :wink:

There are some good resources for learning Elm but if I want to choose a title that would be Elm in Action. There’s also the intro and advanced course on frontend masters which are complementary materials for most of your journey :ok_hand:t2:


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