Which book do you recommend for someone who gave it a try once, and is now revisiting Elm?

I tried to learn Elm when it was in version 0.18, but shortly after I started, there were news of version 0.19 which they said will break much of the packages etc, so I stopped learning. I knew only the basics.
Now I want to give it a try once again. Which of the too books would you recommend?
Elm in action or Programming elm?

Tough question, it probably comes down to personal preference. They’re both up to date with 0.19 anyway. Try reading some excerpts and see which one appeals more to you.

Personally I used Richard Feldman’s video courses on Frontend Masters, mostly because I find that format more fun than books.

I liked Elm In Action. But there is also, for free : https://elmprogramming.com/

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