Built with Elm: Nim Biscuit Battle

Hey Elm community,

I’m excited to share a new web game with you all: Nim Biscuit Battle

Inspired by the classic combinatorial game Nim, Nim Biscuit Battle brings a fresh and humorous twist to the genre. It’s a game without chance, where strategy and wit are your best allies. The goal? To avoid taking the last biscuit and face the “misère” of being the loser!

If you enjoy games that challenge your strategic thinking, you’ll love Nim Biscuit Battle. And if you want to ace it, I highly recommend checking out the free Coursera course or the book series “Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays.”

To add to the fun, I’ve created a stand-up comedy routine that doubles as an advertisement for the game. You can watch it here: The Great Bieber Biscuit Battle. It’s packed with laughs and gives you a taste of the playful spirit behind Nim Biscuit Battle.

Give the game a try, and let me know what you think! Happy gaming!

I posted my game to Built with Elm. It should be up soon. I might need someone to give me push access to the Built with Elm github. I added edit the projects.json to include my project, but I couldn’t upload the image.


Coursera course I mentioned: Combinatorial Game Theory
Image I couldn’t upload: nimbb_builtWithElm.jpg (1000×800) (brainflossgames.com)


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