Capsulen - journaling app made with Elm

Hello friends!

Last week I released a personal project called Capsulen. It is a very simple journaling app inspired by microblogs.

The “main” feature is that everything is encrypted client side and the server never touches your password or raw contents.

You can send text and images. A post’s content is persisted by stringfying the object and encrypting in the browser. Images are converted to base64 urls. It is not very efficient in terms of storage but it works for full encrypting.

I was mostly excited to experiment with codegen, which I used to generate a translations module, and concurrent tasks.

The app’s structure is not perfect. I know there are places I can do better and I plan to refactor some stuff. Let me know if you have any feedbacks.

If you want to use it, you will need an invite code. I generated some for you folks to use (they will expire in 1 day if left unused):

  • 4W3OYHD1
  • ZQA8J6WT

Also, feel free to host an instance yourself. Source code is available here:

Thank y’all!


Very cool! Looks like all 3 invites were used. :slight_smile: .

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They all expired. I created a new one in case you wanna try it: KJLD79QO

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