Direction on UI stlying?

I would appreciate some input on what to do about styling as I attempt to port some applications to 0.19.

I have HTML that is not produced with Elm, so I took the approach of generating my CSS using Sass. I built that CSS on top of material-design-light - which is great because my additions and alterations to that style then worked seamlessly with debois\elm-mdl.

I put a lot of effort into developing this styling, but most of that was learning. I was never completely happy with MDL, so it is no real loss to me and I feel ready to try again in a way that works better with Elm.

It seems unlikely that elm-mdl will make it to 0.19, given that MDL is now effectively dead and has been replaced by “material components”. The components based approach seems like it will fit well with Angular, but not so well with Elm.

The hot place to be with Elm is mdgriffith/elm-ui. Does anyone know how well this is going to work with server rendered Html? I have not been able to dig into it yet, but I got the impression from style-elements that media queries are not used - instead things are calculated dynamically in Elm. So I cannot use it to render static pages that the browser will adapt to fit different screen sizes using CSS only?

rtfeldman/elm-css is another solid package. It seems it can be used both dynamically in an SPA and comes with a command line tool that allows it to be run like the compass compiler to output static .css.

Can both packages be used together to enable identical rendering in a static and SPA context?

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