Drops - An implementation of the Puyo Puyo game

Hi folks,

We are excited to share an implementation of the Puyo Puyo game we developed at Dividat. It’s a game somewhat similar to tetris, but more exciting! Be careful, it is quite addictive :slight_smile: .

You can play the game at: Dividat Drops.

It looks best in Firefox and Blink-based browsers because they allow to do more with SVG filters.

If you are also interested in how it’s implemented, the sources are available at: GitHub - dividat/game-drops: An Elm implementation of Puyo Puyo.

Shoutout to @brian who’s awesome elm-particle library helped us to design some really delightful animations for the game.

Hope you enjoy!


Thank you for open sourcing this cool game in elm! :slight_smile:

I’m curious, will this game be used for the dividat seno?
Are the other programs for the dividat seno from the demo video on the website also done in elm?

Glad you like the game!
Indeed, it was developed to play on the Senso. We have extracted it from our app to share it with the community. And yes, our applications and most of our other games are also built with Elm : )


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