Elm Europe CFP : we are still looking for speakers

Hello everybody !

We still need speakers for elm europe
if you have something interesting (and diverse) to say, don’t hesitate to apply !
We are especially interested by “real world” feedback
as in :

  • How is it to do full time elm in an organization ?
  • How did you handle complexity in a team where elm is not totally sold to all the team ?
  • How do you manage big elm projects ?
  • Is agile still necessary in an elm powered company ?
  • How did we manage to do … in elm ?

Thank you very much !


I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it, but I also noticed that there is only 1 day left to get an early bird ticket. Just got mine :slight_smile:

We are extending the early bird for two weeks, so no rush for now :slight_smile:


Just a minor point of feedback, the CFP doesn’t really say where it is. I know there is a google map in the top-right, and from the names of the streets I kind of guessed France, but to make sure I had to open the map in google-maps, and zoom out a bit.

This sounds like a troll. I’m wondering what your understandig of Agile is.

It is just an exemple !

I wrote an article about that : https://link.medium.com/wG9vI6SsKU

And just the last answer to How does elm-format work for the Elm community? shows that reacting to change is not always the best thing ever

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