Put a banner on elm-lang packages mentioning 0.18 version

Hi. One of the students of my Elm Study Group just mentioned that they are somewhat confused in the area of library navigation. They wanted to find a library with the Date type, found the https://package.elm-lang.org/packages/elm-lang/core/latest/Date one, thought it should be available since it’s in the core package.

Obviously, the problem was that everything in elm-lang is for Elm 0.18, not Elm 0.19. It would be nice to have some sort of a banner stating that.

Please tell me how I can help implementing that. Thank you!


If you’re simply looking for a README badge, you can make custom ones on shields.io.

For example: example badge (link: https://img.shields.io/badge/Elm-0.18-red.svg)

Good idea. I’ve had to learn to check for elm-lang vs elm in the URL and that is far from obvious. I still get caught out. Google is learning but only slowly so there is still plenty of room for confusion and it’ll never help for searches like “elm date” I doubt. An official banner on the packages site would go a long way to helping.

Opened 7 months ago: https://github.com/elm/package.elm-lang.org/issues/275

My opinion is that currently the worst downside of Elm is, that the opensource community is not enabled to help solve issues like this.


It’s the easiest way of the evolution to kill old stuff and to force people to upgrade. Especially in Elm upgrades are smooth if one follows the advices in advance. It’s widely used technique in software development. Community helps with upgrade path a lot. E.g. there is a version of 0.18 documentation available here.

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