Elm needs its own courseware and learning platform

There are more and more Elm learning course showing up on different platforms, such as Frontend Masters, Egghead and Udemy. This is great but pretty soon people are forced to commit to one of those platforms instead of paying for multiple subscriptions or purchasing individual courses (if they can, which you can’t on Frontend Masters). This means that some part of the Elm community miss out on some really cool courses and opportunities for learning.

It would be good for everyone if there was a single service that hosted all of the Elm learning content. Some people might want to keep their courses also listed on sites like Frontend Masters, or Egghead, because it gives them and Elm more coverage and exposure to other communities. What do you think?

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While I think it would be great to have a dedicated course website focused on Elm, I believe most of the other platforms require exclusivity on the courses they sell and it would be a huge problem if you looked for Elm on your favourite platform and there wasn’t any…

I believe the thing that is missing is just a good reliable guide across all different available courses, tutorials, etc.

The more courses and platforms the merrier for the public knowledge about Elm.

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Yeah, that is understandable and certainly if a course was produced with the help or facilities of a host platform then that specific content is exclusively theirs. However, as more Elm content is being produced it might be beneficial to have one platform option. Especially if that platform is run using Elm.

How many people pay for subscriptions for Frontend Masters, Egghead and Udemy at the same time, ongoing?

Yep! Having a full blown tutorial machine built with Elm for Elm developers (with proper language server features available, etc) would be amazing. Using something like Mario’s Lamdera + Rupert’s Elm serverless functions to plumb all of that together would be a great learning exercise itself for the community.

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It would be a challenge for an open source platform written in Elm to equal the UI and UX design excellence of a platform like Frontend Masters.

I think the other challenge would be the production of the content. That is something which FM controls very carefully to provide a high quality product from all course/class teachers.

Why not YouTube plus something like Patreon if the content creator wants some form of compensation. This would reduce the barrier to entry for both creator and consumer. Though, I think places like Frontend Master might offer assistance to the content creator which in turn would likely produce higher quality content.


The quality, popularity and accessibility of YouTube makes it a compelling option.

A great example of a platform with a focus only on Elm is Elm Radio Podcast. It’s quite different to the format of a structured course but it’s a place that is uniquely dedicated to Elm.

Getting support from companies who are themselves invested in Elm might be a good option.

I dunno. I just thought there is something missing in the video course teaching format. I was subscribed to FM for a while just to access Richard Feldman’s Elm courses. The platform and Richard’s courses are excellent but then someone else releases courses on Egghead, and another on Udemy. Pretty soon there are courses all over the internet and often we just want to be able to access specific content without being forced to commit to the 99% of content on that one platform we are not interested in.

A home for Elm course content also means that different payment models can be accommodated by the creators.

Also, there was no way for me to know how much of my subscription fee was going to Richard even though I was only accessing his courses.

There is even an elm / markdown based tutorial maker called LiaScript

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