Elm Plugin for Visual Studio Code 0.9.0

I just released a new version of the elm plugin and the corresponding language server.

Big <3 goes out to everyone who helped out, espcially @kevinyank this time around :slight_smile:

Here’s the changelog:


  • Added support for new language server features

  • Add syntax highlighting for hexadecimal constants

  • Add /= to syntax highlighting

  • Updated the language server

    • Add selection range handling
    • Add progress indicator for startup
    • Improved package ratings
    • Remove deleted files from diagnostics
    • Fix errors that could happen on startup
    • Fix interactions not working after ( or similar characters

And as I haven’t done one of these topics lately, here are the changelogs for the versions you might have missed:


  • Syntax highlighting fixes for comments and some other corner cases

  • Add multiline string syntax to auto closing pairs

  • Update the language server

    • Add support for multiple elm.json files in a single project directory tree
    • Fix possible issue with server not recognising files in non-normalized source-directories (containing “…”).
    • Completions are now ranked better
    • Show code for types in completions/hovers
    • Fix elm analyse warnings not getting cleaned up correctly


  • Improve type alias and type highlighting for some cases

  • Update the language server

    • Fix type annotations not showing for local parameters
    • Fix files without module declaration not getting added to our index
    • Fix rename devouring Module prefixes


  • Fix a case of wrong highlighting

  • Update the language server

    • Improved completions for type annotations, functions, import and module statements
    • Fixed a bug where files without imports would not index the virtual imports


  • Update elm.json schema to allow 0.19.1 as a version

  • Renamed extension from ElmLS to Elm

  • Updated the language server

    • Add more feedback on init for common errors
    • Make sure a file without permissions doesn’t crash the server
    • -v to print version was not working


  • Updated the language server
    • Remove completions committing when space is pressed

Thank you! Really appreciated!
Also, after updating, I had to run again:
npm install -g elm-test elm-format
to fix some unexpected behaviour.


Can you specify what problem you hit? Just in case other people might too?

I also pushed an hotfix, just as a headsup.

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Initial setting:

  • VS Code 1.42.1
  • Elm Plugin 0.9.0


  • module Main exposing (…) was automatically added even if the file had a module line
  • random text formatting (new lines added)
  • random code truncation
  • elm-analyse was reporting some non-specific error

ran “npm install -g elm-test elm-format” and it seemed to have fixed the problem but most likely the problems temporarily went away because I also restarted VS Code. After a short use the problems restarted.

I then speculated that the culprit might be the recent VS Code update so I rolled back VS Code and I reinstalled Elm Plugin and noticed the hot fix so I ended with:

  • VS Code 1.41.1
  • Elm Plugin 0.9.1
    In this configuration the code formatting did not seem to work at all (I did not perform a clean VS Code uninstall) so I allowed VS Code to update again to 1.42.1.

I am now at:

  • VS Code 1.42.1
  • Elm Plugin 0.9.1
    and everything seems to be working just fine. (tested for about 20 min by opening different files and doing some edits/saves).

I will let you know if I run into any problems.


I’ve been experiencing the same issue with format-on-save, where random characters are getting deleted from code. I just updated to the hotfix and reinstalled elm-format. It appears that installing the hotfix has resolved the issue for me.

First of all, @razze: Great work! :slight_smile: Keeps getting better and better.
For info: I also had the same issue with random characters beeing removed all over the file on save yesterday ( with format on save turned on ).
Seems fine now with 0.9.1

Ah, I remember noticing a while back that multiline strings suddenly started auto-closing correctly, glad I wasn’t imagining things =) Thanks so much for all your work on this!

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so how do i compile? previous plugin provided a function. am i supposed to use another tool for that now?

The question is what do you want to do with the compile?

  • Validate your code? -> The plugin does that on save (there are some edgecases)
  • Build so you can run the code? -> Use the command line to have a build that’s tailored to you. Or let your CI do it for you.

Pushed some more small changes over the last few days


  • Improve auto closing and surrounding pairs some more

  • Align char syntax highlighting to recommended namespace

  • Updated the language server

    • Fade unused symbols
    • Improved some codeAction texts


  • Raised minimal vscode version


  • Fix problem with formatting

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