Elm Radio 43: Teaching Elm with Richard Feldman

We have a new Elm Radio episode today with guest Richard Feldman. Richard shares his wisdom about teaching Elm and how to introduce people to new Elm concepts more effectively. Hope you enjoy!


Thank you all three for that great episode!

It reminded me of my math classes when I was a kid. My math teacher taught us basic math concepts by giving us a problem that was not solvable with the tools we already knew. After the class was almost over and the students tried for one hour to solve the unsolvable, she revealed the solution and explained the math behind it. The kids listened with all their attention, it was so silent in the room, despite it was the end of the class, because no one wanted to miss the precious knowledge of how to solve the problem! Magic!

Maybe this is a very common pedagogy-method in mathematics?


Sounds like a good math teacher! In my experience those kinds of teachers are hard to come by, but have a big impact.

One of my favorite books is “Make It Stick.” It talks about the research around pedagogy. Here are some notes on it: Takeaways from Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning | Blog of the APA. Well worth a read if you find that sort of thing to be interesting!


This is something very sensible to approach/style.

The first informatics classes I ever took got automatically “upgraded” to mathematics and the teacher would present us with problems and then make us feel like idiots for not being able to figure the problem out. Most problems were “think outside the box” problems where the mathematical knowledge required was already received few grades back but had to be applied in a novel way to get to the solution.

I disliked that teacher tremendously.

On the other hand, Mathland that Seymour Papert talked about sounds like heaven to me.

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Understandably! I also had one of them once.

addToReadingList <| Book "Make it stick"
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