Elm test output

Hello Elm people!

I was wondering if there’s a way to reduce some of elm-test's output. We’ve been making more use of elm-program-test recently so the tests now cover a large folder of UI Elements and the output looks like:

elm-test 0.19.1

Running 80 tests. To reproduce these results, run: elm-test --fuzz 100 --seed 231172734506082 
...400/500 lines


Duration: 526 ms
Passed:   80
Failed:   0 

Would be nice to not have so much on the screen. Any thoughts?

Maybe pass the output to some filter (grep) via standard bash pipe ?

Thanks, nice and low tech!

This is working well for local dev:

elm-test --watch | grep -E -e '^Running [0-9,]+ tests.' -v

Happy to review a pull request to https://github.com/rtfeldman/node-test-runner that tides the output up!

That would be awesome, thanks Harry! I’ve made an issue on the repo so can have some discussions on what a nice solution might look like https://github.com/rtfeldman/node-test-runner/issues/431

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