Elm v0.19 broke ContextMenu

I’ve been using this module:

Which is no longer working in elm 0.19, because of the lack of the Window module.

Is there a quick fix ? could any one help me with a 0.19 compatible version of this module ?

I really want to love elm, and I’ve been using elm 0.18 in our production environment, and telling people how great it is.

I am sorry, but it is impossible to be an elm evangelist when a new version of elm makes our production code useless.

When there are releases of a language, it often takes a while for all packages in the ecosystem to be upgraded. This is true in Haskell at least, but I think it is new for folks coming from JS where the norms are different.

In this case, the author is a very nice person who lives in Japan, and there may be things going on in his life at this time. I would rather not speculate as to why something else took priority in the last six days.

In the meantime, if it needs a Window module, the upgrade guide mentions here that elm-lang/window is now covered by elm/browser. So what you need should be possible with onResize and getViewport.

I understand that it is satisfying to vent your frustration directly to the people who can help, but it can be quite difficult emotionally for those people. In any case, if you need any help past the info provided here, please ask.


Evan, first of all - I’d like to thank you deeply for elm, we’ve been using it in production for the last few months and it’s pretty great.

From my perspective (as I also wrote on quora), elm is by far more useful than haskell, more production ready, and better designed.
That’s why I my expectations from elm are higher than from haskell.

Please do not be offended by my criticism, but I would expect breaking changes to be made gradually.

For example, in our case, v0.19 should throw a warning of sort of:

import Window would be deprecated in v0.20, consider using import Browser instead.

Thanks again, and I’ll post more specific questions on a different thread as I’ll try to convert ContextMenu to v0.19

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