Elm-vim not work well


Does elm-vim support 0.19? I just got syntax on and automatic indentation, nothing more…
I’ve done all installations of elm0.19, oracle and test. All status in vim-plug are ok and up to date.

an error in vim command
could not find elm-make[http://elm-lang.org/install]

Elm0.19; vim 8.0; vim-plug

Well you could use the elm-language-server with vim https://github.com/elm-tooling/elm-language-server#vim
Most things will work, but it will still get better with time.

Ale is working fine with Elm 0.19 and I guess elm-vim provides syntax highlighting. https://github.com/w0rp/ale

But I would also recommend going with the elm-language-server @razze and @antew are working on. It’s early and still in development, but already looking good. Join Elm Slack #vim and #language-server if you have trouble with setup.

Thanks! I will try it.

Thanks! I will join the channel and try elm-language-server.

There is a pull request that fixing the issue with :elm-make.

It is not merged yet.
I already tested his branch and it does working.
You should also use his branch if you still want to use elm-vim.
And also don’t forget to make a comment to the pull request if it does help. Hopefully the author will merge it soon.

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