Elm language server and vim not working properly

Hi all, I’m trying to set up els with vim. I have followed the config example. when I save my work, after the format (elm-format) my file shows some errors and I can’t figure out what really is going on. basically my application is running without errors. but in the editor this errors is away up and it’s random. what I mean is that sometimes it appears in just one function, other time shows in n functions.

do someone here uses els and vim to work daily that can help me with this issue please?

bellow follows my setup.

  "coc.preferences.formatOnSaveFiletypes": [
  "languageserver": {
    "elmLS": {
      "command": "elm-language-server",
      "filetypes": [
      "rootPatterns": [
      "trace.server": "verbose",
      "initializationOptions": {
        "elmPath": "elm",
        "elmFormatPath": "elm-format",
        "elmTestPath": "elm-test",
        "disableElmLSDiagnostics": true,
        "skipInstallPackageConfirmation": false,
        "elmLS.onlyUpdateDiagnosticsOnSave": true

## versions

vim version: NVIM v0.5.0
node version: v16.8.0
coc.nvim version: 0.0.80-94fb1527f4
coc.nvim directory: /home/myuser/.config/nvim/plugged/coc.nvim
term: xterm-256color
platform: linux

## Log of coc.nvim

2021-08-29T14:01:15.364 INFO (pid:372734) [services] - registered service "languageserver.elmLS"
2021-08-29T14:01:15.368 INFO (pid:372734) [plugin] - coc.nvim 0.0.80-94fb1527f4 initialized with node: v16.8.0 after 42ms
2021-08-29T14:01:25.475 INFO (pid:372734) [services] - elmLS state change: stopped => starting
2021-08-29T14:01:25.480 INFO (pid:372734) [language-client-index] - Language server "languageserver.elmLS" started with 372796
2021-08-29T14:01:26.852 INFO (pid:372734) [services] - elmLS state change: starting => running
2021-08-29T14:01:26.868 INFO (pid:372734) [services] - service languageserver.elmLS started
2021-08-29T14:05:44.160 INFO (pid:372734) [attach] - receive notification: checkJsonExtension []
2021-08-29T14:20:17.093 INFO (pid:372734) [attach] - receive notification: showInfo []

Does that code work fine with the vscode extension?

Humm, interesting question :thinking:. I’ll download vscode to simulate that and see what happens, please give me some minutes to setup the environment so I can answer your question properly ok?

ps: Thank you for your help :smiley:

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