Error when using elm-language-server with neovim and coc


I’m trying to set up neovim and coc with elm language server.

I have followed the steps described in these docs:

However, when I open an elm file in neovim I get the following error:

[coc.nvim] Server languageserver.elmLS failed to start: Error: Request initialize failed with message: Attempted to resolve unregistered dependency token: "ElmWorkspaces"

I have read similar posts on this forum related to this error message. One post suggested adding an elm-tooling.json to the directory but this made no difference for me.


Neovim integrated its own language server lately, so you may want to have a look at it instead.

The elm language server setup is documented here:

Although I hardly use vim anymore, I remember those documented lsp setups were pretty easy to follow (and working well)

Hope that helps

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