Is it possible to use Elm with vim and ALE?


I’m trying to set up vim (or gvim) to work with Elm.
I installed ALE. I also installed elm-language-server (although I’m not quite sure this one was necessary).
ALE detects the errors in the code since it underlines them. However, when using the :cn comment of vim to show the next error I get “No errors”. But there are errors since they are highlighted with a “>>” prefix in red.
It’s problematic because I’d like to be able to see if there are errors immediately.
Elm files tend to be quite long, so I can’t afford to scroll the whole file checking for potential red highlights.

Anybody uses ALE with Elm and manages to check for errors without reading the whole file with their own eyes?

Thanks for your help.

Note: my version of Vim is Vim 8.2, which is supposed to work with ALE.

It seems the solution is to use :ALENext instead of :nc.
I guess I should mark this topic as solved.

Hi @AvailableUsername I’ve been using vim/nvim with the elm language server via CoC (GitHub - neoclide/coc.nvim: Nodejs extension host for vim & neovim, load extensions like VSCode and host language servers.) and that works quite well! Long time I haven’t used ale so I don’t know how to help and hope you solved your problem. Otherwise, give CoC a try.


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